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The Giving Experiment Gallery

Affiliated Artists

Something close to our hearts has always been the arts. 

We have inevitably integrated a lot of art and attracted a lot of different artists with this project. Here are some of our dear friends that are doing art around the world and supporting us in one way or another through their passions. We want to return the favor, please check out their art, Instagram accounts and get in touch if you would like to purchase a piece. 

Heather Hunt

Heather was in Belgium when she was listening to the Chris Ryan podcast that we were on. She felt the need to reach out and the rest is history. The night after chatting with Heather I had a dream about selling Maria's coffee to support our project in a way that would have a greater positive ripple effect. In my dream the labels on the coffee were absolutely incredible.. long story short, Heather painting these logos for us was literally a dream come true. Thank you Heather for injecting your fun and talent into our project from across the globe!

Check out her portfolio on Instagram and follow her journey!

Solange Loiselle

Solange is family to us. As much a part of what we are doing as we are. Please support this beautiful artist! Originally from Saskatchewan, Solange has spread some roots in Rossland, BC, where we met her before coming to Guatemala. Look out for Solange at Rossland farmers markets, selling her own beaded earrings along with our Guatemalan goods. Instagram: Sol.Space.Art

Jose Yojcom

Jose is a wonderful man that never stops working for his family. A San Juan local. We have recently featured him on the website and managed to sell two pieces of his amazing artwork. 


A big thank you to Julia for coming to volunteer! She collected bottlecaps from the beach and before leaving our area, she made this beautiful piece of art to support the project! Follow her journey on Instagram here.