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The Giving Experiment Gallery

Community Centre

The Community Center was an unexpected side project that kind of just happened!

On Christmas 2021, as a family, we set out to invite as many single people that we knew didn't have families to celebrate Christmas with us. We were unable to host it in our home due to renovations so we chose the house that we had just rented for some long term volunteers. The night was magical, just hanging out and able to have a fire in the living room since we had just removed the tin roof! Marshmallows, hot chocolate and music. The night was such a success that we continued the gatherings weekly. We invite both locals and tourists and it creates great conversations and good cultural exchanges.

Some of the ways Los Colores compliments our other projects.

The community center attracts volunteers.

The volunteers support our kids club in many ways.

The kids club produces art to be hung at the guesthouse to showcase the project and children's artwork to newcomers.

Volunteers participate and create further exposure by word of mouth. 

The guesthouse is a place where music lessons are offered to children from the neighborhood free of charge.

Community meals are hosted weekly for the neighborhood.

Jam sessions and open art is hosted by local musician, Nery on Friday nights.

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