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Maria's Coffee

During our time here in San Juan we have been getting to know a gem of a woman named Maria. Maria roasts coffee and runs a charming little coffee shop that overlooks Lake Atitlan. We believe her roast is second to none. Maria is on the verge of losing everything as her neighbor is in the process of building a huge modern competing coffee shop that will block her iconic view of the lake. We are supporting her business and the kids club with the sales of her coffee. If you or someone you know is in a position to buy large quantities of coffee to sell abroad, please get in touch! We are doing everything we can to support her as she adjusts her business plan.

Worth noting: An artist living in Belgium heard about our project on a podcast, she got in touch with us and offered to paint a picture I had taken of Lupe, a kid's club regular. We are using her painting as the logo for the coffee we are selling to fundraise to support both Maria and the club. 

Now THAT is community!

Niños para un mejor San Juan Coffee

To read more about Maria's story or to support her in a direct way please click here. We have blogged about her coffee shop in the past and would like to invite you to continue to follow the story as it unfolds. 

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