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Oh the highs and lows! Marriage is something we talk about so much as a couple.

With 5 children, we are constantly challenged, interrupted, frustrated, filled with love, all of it!!!

We would be lying if we said we believed marriage was great, many times it is not. In fact, at this point of our marriage and ages of the kids (13-10-7-5-2), it is down right HARD. What we DO know is that we love one another deeply and amidst all the chaos, tears, shuffling, work, entertaining and feeding, we are able to find one another's eyes and reassure one another with the "I'm here for you" look.

We would love to invite you to check out a Christopher Ryan Podcast we were invited on this year. Click here to give it a listen!

Here are some pics of just us having fun and exploring Guatemala. Thank you all for checking in on us and your interest in our project. Please connect with us on Instagram here.

Love and Mawage

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