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The Giving Experiment Gallery

Other Projects

We often see needs in our community too big to ignore. In a region riddled with poverty, we find ourselves in the very difficult position of deciding which issues and families get our financial help and attention and which ones don't.

Jose and Dora's fence build

To read more about this story of how we came to build a fence for a young family in Mexico, click HERE.

Oscar, Guatemala's best taxi driver web design

Oscar is a man we have gotten to know over our time here and has been an incredible guy to know. He lives in Guatemala City and owns a Toyota Corolla that he drives around as a taxi. There have been countless times where Oscar has shown up for us or friends and has gone out of his way to make our trip comfortable and carefree. Due to the decrease in tourism, Oscar has had a pretty rough year as far as work goes. I have committed some of my time to designing him a website and helping him get some more business. If you're ever in Guatemala, call Oscar!

Random acts of responsibility

Thank you! We are able to give to others because of gifts from readers like you. This is a grassroots project and even small gifts of 10 and 20 dollars are always put to good use in helping others. We are so grateful for the opportunity to just share and love as a job. Many times this just means hanging out at a street food stall of some sort and paying for meals for families in need or unexpected tipping for service. Other times it means creating employment or projects for locals to work on to help support their families. 


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