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Christina Dargatz, Chrissy Dargatz

As a self-taught artist, Christina has developed patience and a love for art through trial and error. Working with both textiles and acrylic on canvas, her talent is immediately evident.

Usually focusing on geometric mosaics of color, Christina brings a unique perspective to the table with each piece produced. While no two shapes are the same, they manage to find a way to fit together to create something larger and more beautiful than if they were on their own. From mountain landscapes to exploring the depths of the cosmos through the sprinkling of melted wax crayons, she injects fun and excitement into every project. Prints available for purchase soon!

One of my favorite stories about Christina's skill and confidence as a knitter comes from a family wedding we were invited to where she had no dress to wear. A couple of months prior to the occasion, she picked up some wool and began to knit. I started to get a bit concerned the night before the wedding when she hadn't quite finished the dress and had not yet tried it on as the straps were the last thing to be finished. Laboring late into the night and up early to finish, she slipped it on when done just a few hours before the ceremony. It fit like a glove! (See the first pictures below.) 

Clothing and textiles

Acrylic on Canvas


Bead Work

Christina is now taking orders for custom beaded earrings! Each pair is handcrafted and sewn one bead at a time. To make an order please email, comment below, or text 250-252-7517. Pricing ranges from $45.00 to $95.00 per pair, depending on the desired design.

A vision for the future with Art

One of our visions and goals for our time in Central America is forming an Artisan Collective we can represent and sell goods for through this website. While it is still early in the planning stages, we would love to invite site members to participate in the planning and discussion through a member's forum. Stay tuned! 

baby love, Dargatz children
children washing hands


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