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Our Kids

Watching our kids develop and grow in Guatemala over the last year has been an incredible experience. It has made us so proud to watch them learn to speak Spanish and see them integrate into the community of San Juan. 


2021 has been a great year for this young man! His humor and wit are always there to cheer us up when things aren't quite going as planned. We are so thankful for him. He has been excelling in sports and playing on the local San Juan Soccer team. 


Royal continues to draw a crowd in the quietest of ways. People are drawn to his nature and everyone in town seems to know his name! "Royal!" they call as we walk down the street. He gets a lot of pats on the head by the elderly and he has learned to nod in reverence and acknowledgement of their kindness.


Faye has grown so much! Her ability to express herself is improving in both English and Spanish. She whistles all day long and when she isn't whistling, she is singing or dancing. For us as parents, it has been a delight to see her unique personality flourish over the year.