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Everything between them means nothing.

Reaching up for a hug,

Today, care comes from another,

Studying cracks and following wrinkles that lead deep into eyes. Those eyes known by kin to be wells of sorrow and springs of joy.

The love sought is found and no longer disturbed by the change is she.

“These are safe arms”, somehow felt, somehow processed. It’s obvious. She is calm, safe, she feels at home.

While 74 years separate them, they are so close. One is Beginning, the other End.

Yet, they might as well be the same age, an understanding is shared and guarded like a secret between a couple schoolgirls. And me, dad, I’m on the outside!





Everything between them means nothing, the years, the language, the color, the mass. If anything, there is something nobody has said for too long. Looking at them, I can almost hear it being whispered.

i want to know their secret.

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what a special photo and relationship they have together

Mi piace


Mi piace
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