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Updated: Feb 4, 2022

This week at the club, something unique happened. This project is picking up momentum. With new milestones reached, we could not be more excited. How grateful we are for the things taking place in our lives and the lives of the children involved!


51 Children attended this week, making it our largest club day ever.

11 Volunteers participated in making this club day manageable and accident-free!

61 Meals served. (I had to run into town to buy extra food to ensure there was enough as we couldn't possibly turn anyone down!)

200 Unique visitors on our site in ONE day! A big thanks to our hometown mayor in Canada, who shared our website on an online community platform.

The coolest part of all of this: it's been the baby steps that have made it possible; walking, praying for guidance, trusting one another. Great things are possible when you step out into the unknown, even when you are doubted.

Within this new exciting time comes the realization that if we are to maintain this, we've gotta up our game, Baby! More organization, more stable help, sharper minds, healthier diets, all of it. The level of clarity needed to run such a large kids club successfully is hitting us like a sack of bricks, and we are (excitedly) reviewing our daily routine and looking at what is needed to level up.

There is so much beauty to be found in the details of what is occurring here. This kids club isn't just about small steps towards solving the world's pollution problem. It's not just about our responsibility to acknowledge poverty, world hunger, or any of those things. --> This club is about hope.

We get to rally once a week around something happy, positive, and wholesome as creating art out of the trash that children collect along their community lakeshore. We sing songs. We get to see them be fed and wander home with their full bellies to report back to their parents. This phase is an encouraging time! We are so happy to share this news with all of you, the readers, volunteers and financial supporters who have made this happen.

By the looks of it, with the way this is growing, it won't be long before a second and third day are needed to accommodate more kids looking to be a part of this.

Thanks again, people. We're all making this happen together.


Also, check out our latest little video on instagram HERE.

PHOTO CREDITS: James Jarvis from Oregon, USA. Thanks James!!!


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Oh Canada


Congratulations you guys. It really moves me to have witnessed this all unfold. Thank you for being such awesome planetary citizens.


Woohoo! Very exciting!

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