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The Giving Experiment Guidelines

What we expect, from ourselves and others



We appreciate your help!

Here are the values we prioritize in communicating to ensure we maintain a safe environment that is focused on selfless giving.

  • No selfies with kid's club participants. Please leave your smart phone in your bag during any events. One volunteer will be briefed and designated as photographer during beach cleanups and kid's club events.

  • We are here to support, engage and exchange. Prioritize learning over teaching.

  • Initiatives are community based and we encourage speaking only Spanish during the events, even amongst foreign volunteers.

  • Respect your limits. Say "No" when you can't or shouldn't.

  • Social Media: Please share your experience of volunteering with The Giving Experiment with humility. 

Community Dinners

Friday nights mean community dinners at Los Colores Guesthouse during regular programming.


  • Dinners are free, still, bring what you can share! Baking, bread, tortillas are always welcome! No alcohol please.

  • We encourage conversation with someone you may find difficult to communicate with!

  • Please come prepared to tip the musician.

  • Please help wash dishes and clean up by 9. Guests that stay beyond 9:30 will be asked to take our 5 crabby children out the following day for cotton candy, sugar pops and cream soda for a few hours.

  • Take what you can eat, eat all you take.

  • Please don't leave without learning the names of a few new people!

  • If participating in the closing jam, please be respectful to Nery, our sponsored musician.  



Thank you for staying at Los Colores! Your stay supports The Kid's Club along with our community music academy. 

  • This is a community centre with guest rooms. Children, noise, music and shared meals are a part of this whole experience.

  • This is not a party place. A beer or glass of wine is acceptable but please be aware that the community centre is used as a safe space to assist youth struggling with addiction. Please enjoy your beverages appropriately within the context of each setting.

  • Quiet time is from 10:00pm - 6:00am 


If you are interested in volunteering and helping with our initiatives, please get in touch! Our email is

Volunteers are interviewed and briefed on our guidelines and policies. 

  • Protecting children: Volunteers are expected to act lovingly and professionally. Cultural awareness and sensitivity are a crucial component of our community. We operate in a conservative, rural area of Guatemala, please dress appropriately.

  • Report any inappropriate behaviour immediately. Abuse in any form will not be tolerated and local authorities will be contacted.  

  • Rule of thumb: return hugs briefly, offer high fives or fist bumps.

  • Be a kid again, have fun.

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