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Simon Says Royal

Simon Says Royal

Two brothers, crazy about outdoor adventures, snowboarding in the winter and biking/skating in the summer. Please show your support and subscribe to their Youtube channel "Simon Says Royal". 

Owen's Music

Owen's music

Raw by default. Owen's guitar sessions are usually broadcast from the room with the best acoustics in the house: the bathroom. Songs written dive deep into the personal struggles and triumphs that come along with the packages of parenting, being a husband, provider, loss, and the never ending search for success in the balancing of work life and family life. With a strong lyrical focus, the collection of his songs paint a picture of the beauty that can emerge from failures overcome. 

Faye's perfomances

Faye's perfomances

Five-year-old Faye is passionate about music and dance. She loves songwriting. We hope you enjoy and appreciate her sweet and gentle little voice! 

I love just playing for her to take the song wherever her heart leads. Knowing her and so far being around for most of her life experiences, I see she was recalling a camping trip I took her and her brother Royal on. We walked through the forest and saw the Salmon swimming upstream in the river last year. We haven't spoke of that memory for some time now and, Boom! Here it pops up, beautifully, in song.

A special request from Faye's Auntie Donna. Sorry everyone, I completely butchered the harmonica intro but this was the last take before a tired Faye shuffled off to bed. Although practicing and getting things right is important, I feel that sharing the raw moments of the practice runs and the little quirks are actually a lot more genuine as they constitute the majority of the game and not just the highlights. Enjoy!

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